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Hi, I'm David Luescher.

I'm based in Zurich (Switzerland) and am on a journey to start my own venture.

Most of my time is currently spent on talking to potential customers and developing shitty prototypes.

Why entrepreneurship?

I stumbled upon the startup scene back in 2014 by sheer accident.

It has turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life so far and has sparked in me the desire to create a startup myself that solves a real problem.

I regard entrepreneurship to be one of the highest leverage activities to impact the planet and its people for the better, while fostering one's own personal growth.

About me

A short summary of my academic and professional background.

Academic background

  • BA in Business Administration from the University of St.Gallen (HSG)
  • BSc in Computer Science from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)

Professional background

  • >10 years of experience working in the FinTech/InsurTech space at the intersection of business and IT for both corporates and startups
  • >3 failed attempts at creating a successful startup
  • Former Member of the Board at the Swiss LegalTech Association
  • Former Chief Strategy Officer at Knip (new: Digital Insurance Group), a Swiss-based InsurTech startup (Techcrunch Article)

Other projects and interests

My curiousity is sheer endless and I could list tons of things in this section that fascinate me. To name a few:

Book recommendations

My reading mostly consists of scientific papers and industry-specific news for work, but I love to spend a bit of time every week to indulge in new and inspiring brain food. If you have book recommendations, please send them my way!


I work out at CrossFit Zurich three times a week and enjoy the wide range of exercises. I'm still a newbie in the CrossFit arena. However, I find the workouts to be a great tool to get out of my head after a day of work and to foster my physical health.


Immersing myself in a new environment and being confronted with uncertainty is something I find exciting. Usually, I prefer spending in one country a bit more time to get to know its people & culture properly, instead of hopping from one sight-seeing location to another. I also traveled Chile on a motorcycle and am in general a big fan of Central/South America due to its unique flora and fauna. If you have travel tips or are looking for some, hit me up!

Culinary experiences

My microeconomics professor once said in a lecture: "Wine and food is the sex of old age". Although I wouldn't trade one for the other, I really enjoy great culinary experiences and consider myself a foodie. If you have recommendations for restaurants and recipes, please send them my way!