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On Taking Responsibility And Healing

A curation of helpful stuff I found in the web.

David Luescher
1 min read

An idea for you to consider

The more you see your triggers, the more they leave. And the more they leave, the less they can trigger you.

Every time you’re triggered, you’re basically saying “someone else has power over me”.

A quote for you to ponder

You’re not a victim. You’ve created this situation in your life.

This is a quote from Jason Portnoy of PayPal, Palantir (& more) as heard on The Tim Ferris Show, where he talked about Porn Addiction, Escaping Shame Cycles and Healing Wounds.

It is a great reminder for all of us to acknowledge that ultimately we’re responsible for our life and that there is no one else to blame.

I highly recommend to listen to the full podcast with Jason Portnoy here:

Jason Portnoy of PayPal, Palantir, and More — Porn Addiction, The Corrosiveness of Secrets, Healing Wounds, Escaping Shame Cycles, and Books to Change Your Life (#600)
Interview with Jason Portnoy on The Tim Ferriss Show podcast



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