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Why building a calm business can help you live a more fulfilled life and how culture can determine your behaviours.

David Luescher
1 min read

An idea for you to consider

For those of you who are in the journey of building a business, the idea I would like you to consider this week is to build a calm business.

In a nutshell, the core idea consists of focusing on profitability and sustainability instead of excessive, VC-funded growth at all costs.

The way your business operates has in my personal experience an impact in your life that cannot be underestimated. Since most of the advice for founders and freelancers out there is to hustle as much as possible, I find the idea to build a calm business by Arvid from The Bootstrapped Founder a very refreshing take on entrepreneurship.

Ultimately, as counter-intuitive as it seems at first glance: working harder is not always the best way to reach your goals (or fulfillment in life).

Fundamentals of a Calm Business - The Bootstrapped Founder
Reading Time: 7 minutes If you’re not building a Calm business today, you’re making your entrepreneurial journey harder than it needs to be. Calm companies focus on profitability and sustainability. They succeed by growing slowly and deliberately, calmly adapting to changes in the market without the…

A quote for you to ponder

"The culture we live in determines which behaviours are attractive to us " - James Clear in his book Atomic Habits


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