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#032: Harness The Power Of Positive Perception

About the power of perception and the benefits of a positive world view

David Luescher
1 min read

Hi All!

Today we have a look at the power of perception and how we can influence our perception as a tool to increase our well-being.

Enjoy today's reading!

An idea for you to consider

We all have the power to shape our own reality through the lens of our perceptions.

One of the most important decisions we will make is whether we believe to live in a friendly or hostile universe.

This decision can have a profound impact on our life.

When we believe that we live in a friendly universe, we:

  • believe that people are friendly and willing to help us
  • have a greater willingness to take risks and experiment
  • know that no matter the obstacle, we will find a way to overcome it
  • are more willing to engage with other humans
  • act with more compassion towards others (even if they did us wrong)

On the other hand, when we believe we live in a hostile universe, we are more prone to:

  • feel like people are out there to get us
  • think that we can't risk to fail at all
  • believe that certain obstacles are too much of a challenge and that we may break apart
  • isolate ourselves from other human beings
  • act selfish and judge or shut down other human beings

One belief will lead to a bodily sensation of abundance, joy and gratefulness, while the other may lead to states of increased alertness and stress/anxiety.

That's the power of perception - it can work in our favour or against us.

Are you ready to choose your world view and to harness the power of perception?

Reflect: Then consider sharing this idea with others.

A question for you to ponder

Is everything a miracle or is nothing a miracle?
Use this quote as a prompt to reflect.

An exercise for you to try this week

Take some time aside and use the question below as a journalling prompt:

Can you do anything you set your mind to without limitations or are there certain things you can't comprehend?

Before you run off, just one more thing...

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Until next week,




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